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At RocRoi we organize full day outings that include a helicopter flight from Barcelona or Andorra to Llavorsí (Pallars Sobirà, Pyrenees), a 14km rafting descent from Llavorsí to Rialp, lunch at Borda de Yeti next to our activity center and finally return by helicopter.


You will live a unique experience that you will remember all your life. Flying over the Pyrenees by helicopter and observing the spectacular nature of its mountains is priceless.
We invite you to imagine this unique experience and make it possible with RocRoi.

Near our activities center in Llavorsí we have a helicopter landing space a few meters from the most exciting activities in the Pyrenees: rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed, open kayaking on the river, etc.

Once you land with the helicopter, you will go directly to the beginning of the rafting activity in which, for 14km and an hour and a half, you will cross the Noguera Pallaresa river for its wild landscapes in a unique environment in the Natural Park of the Upper Pyrenees.

The Llavorsí to Rialp tour is the most popular descent among our customers and one of the most exciting. This rafting descent includes the most extreme rapids of the Noguera Pallaresa river, among which you will find ‘La Lavadora’, ‘Cuatro Largo’, ‘La Sirga’, ‘La Isla’ and ‘El Cuatro Español’. These rapids are class IV and are the longest rapids in this river area. Ideal to experience adrenaline in its pure state!


Once you arrive in Rialp, one of our vans will be waiting for you at the exit to pick you up and take you back to the RocRoi activity center. Once in the center, you can change your clothes and dry to continue the experience.

In Borda de Yeti you will enjoy a typical Pyrenean meal based on grilled meats from the area, grilled vegetables, salads and desserts, all homemade homemade. La Borda is located next to the river and outside the town, in an ideal green space to rest and enjoy the outdoors, you can eat on its terrace. It also has a space next to a quiet stretch of river for bathing before or after eating.

Once you finish the meal, the helicopter will be waiting for you next to the Borda space to return home. We hope this experience is unique, whether you decide to do it yourself or give it to someone very special.

If you are thinking of booking this special experience or giving it to someone, contact us at aventura@rocroi.com to find out prices and availability.

Give a unique moment in life! Give RocRoi away!