When there is a full moon, practice night activities

Tonight the moon will be 97% full. Today is Friday and we have already prepared all the necessary material to practice night activities with a full moon.

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It is one of the most fantastic experiences in the snow: being able to enjoy your favorite adventure activities under the full moon. The snowy landscapes invite you to enjoy wild nature, but one of the proposals that our clients love the most are nighttime experiences.

The three activities you can do in RocRoi this weekend are:

– 2h night excursion with guide under the full moon and romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant

This is a guided snowshoe route along the trails that the Grandvalira ski resort makes available to us. Illuminated with small solar lights, it will be a very enriching unique experience. Although, I can assure you that the lights are totally unnecessary if there is a full moon and the sky is clear, as expected this weekend.

– Night snowmobiles 30min with guide under the full moon

If you are more about living the adrenaline in the full moon, this is your best option: a guided route with snowmobiles through the Moretó Forest. A spectacular natural landscape that the mountains of Andorra offer us.

– Night Mushing 10km with musher under the full moon and romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant

Just sit on the sled and let yourself be carried away by our mushers under the full moon that will illuminate the entire route. You will walk through the Moretó Forest in Grau – Roig among pine trees and snowy and illuminated paths under the full moon, totally magical.

At RocRoi we promote sustainable active tourism

From RocRoi we have started to work taking into account the 17 Sustainability Goals promoted by the United Nations for the 2030 Agenda.

By meeting these objectives, we are committed to working under a sustainable lifestyle, promoting the economic prosperity of our territory and improving the processes of the circular economy.

Next, Biosphere COMMITED that certifies that we work the sustainable lifestyle mentioned above every day: