Top Five Plans to Enjoy Carnival Weekend

Carnival time is vibrant with color, music, and festivity. As the streets fill with parades and joy spreads through the air, it’s the perfect moment to plan something special. Still don’t have plans for Carnival weekend? 

At RocRoi, experts in active tourism and family getaways, we offer you five fantastic ideas to make the most of these days, including a special mention of the dynamic Carnival of Vilanova i la Geltrú.

1. Carnival Parade in the City:

Dive into the experience of a Carnival parade. Each city offers its own charm, from the floats to the dancers in vibrant costumes. And if you’re looking for more than just a parade, in Vilanova i la Geltrú we offer you the chance to combine the celebration with adventure activities such as sea kayaking, perfect for enjoying as a group and experiencing unforgettable adventure tourism. Discover what Vilanova i la Geltrú has to offer.

2. Family Mask and Costume Workshop:

Create your own masks and costumes with a workshop at home. It’s an ideal family activity to foster creativity and enjoy together, creating the perfect attire for any outdoor activity or multi-adventure you choose this Carnival.

This year, from RocRoi, we propose a special activity to complement your adventures: creating a fish mask.

Fish Mask Making:


– Paper plates

– Colored markers

– Scissors

– Glue

– Googly eyes (optional, for a fun touch)

– Elastic string

Step by Step:

1. Trace the outline of the fish with eyes, mouth, and fins on a paper plate.

2. Color the plate, including the fins, with vibrant colors.

3. Cut out the eyes, mouth, and shape the fins. Add decorative elements like dots or simple patterns.

4. Attach an elastic string to the sides to use it as a mask.

3. Carnival Gastronomic Route:

Enjoy the unique flavors of Carnival with a gastronomic route. This tour is an opportunity for children and adults to savor the local culture, ideal for recharging energies before or after participating in adventure sports.

4. Excursion to Nature:

Escape the crowd with an outdoor excursion. Visit natural parks or participate in activities such as SUP or canyoning, where nature tourism and Carnival come together to offer you a unique experience.

5. Themed Carnival Party at Home:

After a day of activities in the mountains or at sea, end Carnival with a themed party at home. It’s the perfect occasion to share stories and memories of the adventures experienced during the day.

Carnival is a time to enjoy and create happy memories. At RocRoi, we combine celebration with adventure experiences that enrich these festivities. From multi-adventure activities to peaceful getaways in nature, we help you live Carnival in a unique and special way.

Ready for a Carnival full of adventure and joy? Visit our website ROCROI, choose your experience, and join the celebration. It’s time to make this Carnival more than just a party; it’s time to turn it into an adventure for the whole family!