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Are you on vacation in the Pyrenees? Or near Barcelona on the beach? At RocRoi we have many options of adventure activities from less to more adrenaline to do with children this summer. Adventurous family holidays!


If you are on vacation in the Pyrenees, in RocRoi we have two activity centers: the river activity center in Llavorsí and the lake activity center in La Torrassa.

River activities, pure adrenaline


If your little ones are over 6 years old, they can carry out a large part of the activities in the Llavorsí center. Everything will depend on the physical size they have, since, if they are physically large for their age, they will surely be able to carry out all the activities, but if the guide considers that they are small, the stretch of river that you should choose is the 5 km one. Normally we recommend that children between 5 and 7 years old do the 5 km stretch between Llavorsí and La Moleta.


The activities that you can do with children range from rafting to canyoning, for the little ones. The hydrospeed is suitable for children from 15 years old and the open kayak on the river from 10 years old in summer. All these activities are carried out with a guide, that is, a professional will always accompany you who will guide and help you at all times. Our monitors and mountain guides are professionals who know the areas well and will make your experience a unique moment with your family. Meet Eli, Patón, Josep and Pedro, our veteran guides who have been working with us for years.

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On the other hand, Lake La Torrassa in La Guingueta d’Àneu is the ideal activity center for families with children under 6 years of age. In this center activities are carried out in calm waters, you can rent a double, triple and even quadruple canoe. Either a single, double or triple kayak. As a novelty, we have also added to the list the practice of paddle surfing or Big SUP, a sup board for 10 people.


In addition, in this center we have a Foodtruck with a terrace and a large green space ideal for bathing and lying in the sun with the whole family.

But if instead you are on vacation near Barcelona or in the Garraf area, you can also choose the activities at sea in our center in Vilanova y la Geltrú.

Sea activities, sea breeze and adventure


The Vilanova y la Geltrú nautical activities center is located on Ribes Roges beach, more than 1,000 m2 of open space for practicing all kinds of adventure sports at sea.

Pedal skate, sea kayaks, self-emptying open kayak, paddle surfing, sea rafting, sailing, windsurfing, catamarans, etc. These types of activities are ideal for families, although some require a minimum age, most can be practiced with children always accompanied by their parents.


Near our center in Vilanova you will find the Beach Club de La Daurada, a gastronomic space and lounge to eat outdoors and with unbeatable views of the beach. We recommend that you book the pack that combines rental of several activities at sea with the rice menu in La Daurada. Full day on vacation with children!


Now you just need to choose your destination (or not choose) and have a great time this summer on your family vacation.

We are waiting for you at RocRoi!


Update: 26/02/2024