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Exploring the Outdoor World with Iris: A Decade of Passion

Let’s dive into the captivating universe of outdoor adventures with Iris, a fearless leader whose journey from photography to the sole administration of TENAPARK is as thrilling as the adventures her company offers.

Discover the key moments of her trajectory and her profound commitment to innovation and excellence in the Valle de Tena. 

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into the outdoor world?

Iris’s story in the outdoor world is a captivating metamorphosis. From her days as a photographer to leading TENAPARK, her evolution is a lesson in passion and dedication. Immerse yourself in the details of her journey from static imagery to unrestrained action.¬†

Iris: In 2014, my journey with TENAPARK began after years as a photographer. Initially tasked with marketing, my role quickly expanded, including customer service and reservation management. A decade later, in 2019, I acquired the business, leading TENAPARK to new heights with a committed and innovative team. 

What is your favorite adventure sport and why?

Behind the passionate businesswoman is an avid adventurer. Let’s explore Iris’s fascination with 4×4 snowmobile routes, delving into the reasons behind her choice and the special connection she has with this activity. 

Iris: Among our activities, my favorites are the 4×4 snowmobile routes. The feeling of gliding over the snow, exploring comfortably and effortlessly, is unparalleled. 

Could you share your best memory or experience practicing this sport?

Every adventure leaves an indelible mark. Iris guides us through her best memory: the magical return to camp after spending the night in an igloo with the TENA #sleepinginthesnow PACK. 

Iris: The return to camp in the morning, after a night in an igloo with our TENA #sleepinginthesnow PACK, is always unforgettable. Sharing that experience with others who are amazed is what makes it worthwhile. 

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the outdoor sector today?

Behind the excitement of the outdoor world, real challenges lie. Iris takes us through the obstacles, from unfair competition to the struggle against climatic adversities, and how these challenges affect not only TENAPARK but the entire sector. 

Iris: We face intrusion and unfair competition, along with a lack of institutional support. Seasonality and changing weather conditions, especially the increasing winter temperatures, threaten normal operations. 

What advice would you give to someone who has never tried this adventure sport?

For new adventurers, Iris shares wise advice to maximize fun and respect for nature. Let’s discover the keys to a memorable outdoor experience.¬†

Iris: In any activity, follow the instructions of the monitors, dress comfortably, and, above all, come with a lot of enthusiasm to enjoy!

Always respect the nature around us. 

What RocRoi platform activity would you like to try that you haven't experienced yet?

Even experts have dreams of new explorations. Iris shares her eagerness to try all the snow activities that RocRoi offers, inviting us to dream of future adventures. 

Iris: All the snow activities! 

Iris has taken us on an exciting journey through her love for the outdoor world. Her dedication to excellence and innovation continues to inspire all adventure enthusiasts. Until the next adventure in the Valle de Tena!