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Exploring the Outdoor World: A Conversation with Cèlia Espanya

Hello, outdoor enthusiasts! In our series of interviews with outdoor lovers, today we are delighted to introduce you to Cèlia Espanya, a passionate content creator in Catalan and a lover of adventure sports. 

Cèlia will take us on an exciting journey as she shares her experiences and reflections on the outdoor world. 

Join us in this fascinating conversation with Cèlia.

Discovering the Outdoor World

Before delving into the depths of the outdoor world with Cèlia Espanya, let’s learn a bit more about how she entered this exciting universe. 

Cèlia tells us about her beginnings in sports and how she fell in love with the outdoors while working as a filmmaker for a well-known brand.

CèliaI’m Cèlia Espanya, I’m 25 years old, and I create content in Catalan on social media platforms.

I’ve been involved in sports my whole life: swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, contemporary dance, paddle tennis, gym, and CrossFit.

Besides being a content creator, I’m also a filmmaker (I shoot and edit videos) independently for brands. It was during one of these jobs, for the Buff brand, where we were filming Núria Picas during her race at the UTMB in Vall d’Aran 2023, that I fell in love with the outdoor world.

From there, I started running on my own with the goal of eventually competing in trail running.

Additionally, this summer I had much more free time since I left my job to work independently, and I was able to experiment with many outdoor sports I love, such as wake surfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, canyoning, rafting, and cycling…

Discovering the Passion for Hiking and Trail Running

In this question, Cèlia takes us to her passion for hiking, trekking, and trail running.

She explains why these sports are so special to her and how they relate to her outlook on life. 

CèliaIt’s very hard to choose, but I think hiking, trekking, and trail running are different, but more or less have the same foundation, which is moving on foot through nature. 

I like it because it’s like an analogy of life; the paths have ups and downs, there are moments when I walk accompanied and others alone, but I’ll always keep moving forward. There are very dark paths full of challenges and difficulties that once overcome are very rewarding. With every kilometer, I become better than before because I gain more experience and learnings, and the more present I am during the journey, the better things turn out for me. 

Unforgettable Memories in Nature

Cèlia shares with us an unforgettable experience she had this summer during a five-hour excursion in Aigüestortes, revealing moments filled with laughter, tranquility, and excitement in nature. 

CèliaA five-hour hike in Aigüestortes that I did this summer with one of my best friends, Elisa, who also loves sports and connects us deeply. 

We had moments of all kinds, as I explained before: moments of silence, moments laughing a lot, moments enjoying, moments suffering, we felt cold, we felt hot, we fell asleep in the middle of the path, we walked sometimes apart and sometimes together. 

Challenges of the Outdoor World Today

In this question, Cèlia talks about the current challenges facing the outdoor sector, including climate change and its impacts on weather conditions and outdoor activity planning. 

Cèlia: Believe the biggest challenges facing the outdoor sector right now are climate change and its consequences. 

It can affect weather conditions, such as temperature, rainfall, and snowfall. Intense rains can cause flooding in rivers and streams, increasing the danger for hikers. Seasons and weather conditions are becoming less predictable, which can complicate the planning of trips and outdoor activities. 

Tips for Outdoor Newbies

èlia shares valuable advice for those venturing into the outdoor world for the first time, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and embracing challenges as an integral part of the experience. 

CèliaTake it slow, the first time you go out might not be entirely gratifying due to the physical shape you might be in, but as you keep practicing, you’ll adapt, have more rewarding moments, and enjoy more than suffer. 

But suffering is part of this sport and should be embraced because it teaches a lot! 


Cèlia in our center of Vilanova i la Geltrú

Dreams to Fulfill in the RocRoi World

In our final question, Cèlia talks about her dreams and desires for future adventures with RocRoi, mentioning exciting activities she has yet to try. 

Cèlia: I’d love to try kitesurfing in the Delta de l’Ebre, which I’ve never done before, and now that the cold is coming, also the guided snowmobile route or Mushing in Andorra! 

We hope you have enjoyed Cèlia’s adventures and words as much as we have. Until next time, outdoor enthusiasts!