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Exploring the Outdoor Spirit with Raimon Monterde

Embark on a fascinating journey through the life of Raimon Monterde, an outdoor enthusiast whose roots in the mountains trace back to his childhood. From his early days as a hobbyist to becoming a professional guide at the age of 18, we discover how the mountains became the epicenter of his life. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you entered the outdoor world

Accompanied by his most cherished memories, Raimon shares how his connection with the mountains evolved from childhood to a professional dedication. 

Raimon: “I am Raimon Monterde Alberich, and my bond with the mountains and outdoor sports dates back to my earliest memories. My introduction to outdoor sports, formerly known as mountain sports, goes back to when I was 5 or 6 years old, always accompanying my father on climbs, ascents, and canyon descents. At 16 or 17, it became clear to me that my life, both professionally and personally, should revolve around this world that thrilled me and still does. So, I started working for outdoor sector companies as a guide, while also training for the professional challenges that I initially only dreamed of and that have ultimately come true.” 

What is your favorite adventure sport, and why?

Delving into Raimon’s unique passion, we discover which of the various disciplines captured his heart. 

Raimon: “I have practiced various sports such as kayaking, rafting, climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, alpine skiing, but canyoning is the one I have dedicated the most time to and felt closest to. With this discipline, I have lived the most impressive adventures and authentic experiences.” 

Could you share your best memory or experience practicing this sport?

Among Raimon’s global exploits, the opening of the world’s second-largest waterfall in South Africa stands out. An extraordinary challenge that turned into an unforgettable experience. 

Raimon: “I have had numerous adventures descending canyons around the world: Cape Verde, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the United States, Mexico, Greece, the Alps… but perhaps I highlight the exploration and opening of the world’s second-largest waterfall in South Africa, Tugela Falls, with 942 meters. A real challenge and an extraordinary experience.” 

Explain the best experience you've had here, in the Noguera Pallaresa

Raimon: “One of the most enriching experiences I’ve had in the Noguera Pallaresa happened not long ago, and it was kayaking with Richard Fox, a master and a reference in the world of canoeing at all levels. 

A world champion several times. It has been like a dream to be able to descend with him and share anecdotes and adventures he has experienced during his career as a professional canoeist. 

And it must be said that he is in very good shape!”

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the outdoor sector today?

Raimon addresses the contemporary challenges of the outdoor sector, emphasizing the need to communicate environmental protection in a context of growing practitioners. 

Raimon: “Perhaps the most crucial challenge for the sector is to clearly and efficiently convey the protection of the environment in which we carry out our activities. With the exponential increase in practitioners in these sports, the sector’s mission is to create awareness and a community so that our natural environment continues to enjoy good environmental health. 

What advice would you give to someone who has never tried this adventure sport?

Raimon shares valuable advice for those venturing into the outdoor world for the first time, emphasizing the importance of seeking guidance from experienced professionals. 

Raimon: “The first piece of advice would be to turn to experienced professionals to make the first experience something unique and controlled. This will generate the desire to continue enjoying outdoor activities safely. Also, if they decide to venture on their own, training with professionals in the sector is essential.” 

What activity from the RocRoi platform would you like to try that you haven't experienced yet?

We explore Raimon’s desire to change scenery, considering trying an activity at sea to experience new emotions. 

Raimon: “Perhaps I would lean towards some activity at sea, looking to change the scenery a bit and explore new emotions in that environment.” 

Through the words of Raimon Monterde Alberich, the passion and dedication that the outdoor world can inspire become apparent. His journey, from accompanying his father in the mountains to becoming an experienced guide, reflects the spirit of adventure and a profound connection with nature. In a constantly changing world, Raimon emphasizes the importance of preserving and conveying the essence of the outdoors, promoting environmental awareness and safety in every experience. His story is an inspiring reminder of how a love for nature can turn into a life filled with exciting challenges and authentic experiences.