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Interview with Thomas Richard: Discovering the Passion for Nature and Outdoor Sports

Meet Thomas Richard, an outdoor enthusiast who shares his experience and passion for nature. Originally from Millau, in the south of France, Thomas has found in his region an ideal setting to explore a wide variety of outdoor sports from a young age.

Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into the outdoors


Thomas shares how his love for the outdoors began at an early age and how his native region has provided him with a perfect terrain to explore a variety of extreme sports.

Thomas: My name is Thomas, I’m 27 years old, and I live in Millau, in the south of France. My region is an extraordinary playground for outdoor sports, so naturally, I’ve tried it all! I started at the age of 4 with mountain¬†biking, then¬†kayaking,¬†climbing, trail running, and finally¬†paragliding. Of course, I’m always ready to follow my friends to do caving, a rope swing, or base jump. They are exciting sports; we only think about it, only talk about adventures and future projects with a sail, a rope, or a kayak…

What is your favorite adventure sport and why?


Thomas explores his passion for adventure sports and how kayaking and paragliding stand out among his favorites for the unique experiences they offer.

Thomas: It’s hard to choose between kayaking and paragliding… Both allow us to explore wild environments (the bottom of a canyon or flying over a desert plateau), experience exceptional sensations of gliding and freedom.

Could you share your best memory or experience practicing this sport?


Thomas shares two unforgettable moments in his favorite sports, highlighting the excitement and grandeur of his experiences in kayaking and paragliding.

Thomas: In kayaking, it was definitely my first descent down the Zambezi River. A mythical river for all whitewater kayakers! In paragliding, it was my first flight of over 100 km with my best friend over the snowy peaks of the Alps!

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the outdoor activities sector (or your sport) today?


Thomas reflects on the current challenges facing the outdoor activities sector, focusing on climate change and its effects on the sports he loves.

Thomas: The weather, of course! Global warming is leading us to a big problem for all outdoor sports and especially the ones I practice: 

Water, drought is already being felt in France. With less and less snow in winter and scarce rainfall, the water level of our rivers becomes increasingly critical for navigation. Especially for whitewater kayaking, which requires high water levels to navigate. 

Wind, drought leads to stronger winds and turbulent air masses.

What advice would you give to someone who has never tried this adventure sport?


Thomas shares his advice for those wishing to venture into adventure sports, emphasizing the importance of seeking proper instruction for a safe experience.

Thomas: You have to go for it! Approach a club or a school to learn and progress safely.

What RocRoi activity would you like to do that you haven’t tried yet?


Thomas shares his interest in experiencing new adventures with RocRoi, highlighting an activity he would like to try in the future.

Thomas: A¬†dog sled ride! I’ve never tried it, it must be great in¬†Andorra!

With Thomas’s passion and adventurous spirit as a guide, it’s clear that the outdoor world offers endless possibilities for adventure and discovery.