Exploring Passions: Interview with Joaquín del Río

Embark on the exciting journey of Joaquín del Río, a passionate resident of Vilanova whose connection to the mountains and outdoor challenges has truly made him a pioneer in the world of outdoor activities.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got involved in the outdoor world.


We begin our journey with Joaquín del Río, a dedicated runner who immerses us in his fascination with summits and outdoor adventure.

Joaquín del Río: Greetings! I’m Joaquín del Río, a resident of Vilanova, and my fascination with the mountains has been a constant companion in my life. The passion for running, especially in mountainous settings, opened the doors to the vast world of outdoor activities.

2. What is your favorite adventure sport and why?


We discover Joaquín’s evolution, from half marathons on asphalt to the thrilling diversity of adventure raids.

Joaquín del Río: After a phase dedicated to asphalt half marathons, my journey towards mountain races and adventure raids completely captivated me. Raids, with their unique combination of trail running, mountain bikingclimbingvia ferrataskayakingcanyoning, inline skating, and orienteering, became my favorite sport.

3. Could you share your best memory or experience practicing this sport?


Step into Joaquín’s mind as he relives unforgettable moments during mountain adventure raids, where non-stop competition intertwines with the sunrise and unbreakable bonds with teammates.

Joaquín del Río: Mountain adventure raids, which can last from hours to days, offer a unique experience. Competing non-stop, witnessing the sunrise after an entire night, and building unbreakable bonds with teammates are moments not easily forgotten.

4. What do you think are the greatest challenges facing the outdoor sector today?


Joaquín shares his reflections on the current challenges in the outdoor world, emphasizing the importance of training and risk management.

Joaquín del Río: In the outdoor realm, training and risk management are essential. Surrounding oneself with experts when starting any sport is crucial, even more so in outdoor activities. Safety should be the priority before venturing out alone.

5. What advice would you give to someone who has never tried this adventure sport?


Joaquín shares wisdom with those eager to explore the thrilling world of outdoor activities, encouraging them to try the addictive adventure raids and experience the richness of team competition.

Joaquín del Río: I would tell all outdoor enthusiasts to try adventure raids. The activity is addictive, can be enjoyed as a team or with a partner, and there are introductory raids to get started. The experience is enriching, and addiction is guaranteed.

6. What activity from the RocRoi platform would you like to try that you haven’t experienced yet?


We conclude our journey by discovering Joaquín’s curiosity about paragliding, the only activity from RocRoi that he has not explored.

Joaquín del Río: Of all the exciting options RocRoi offers, paragliding is the only one I haven’t tried. The idea of experiencing a discipline in the “air” after exploring various activities on land and water excites me enormously.

We thank Joaquín for sharing his experiences and wisdom, serving as inspiration for those seeking to discover the magic of the outdoors. His story reminds us that true adventure begins where comfort ends.