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Discovering Murillo de Gállego: what to do and what to see in the Reino de los Mallos

There are many reasons to travel and each place has its own particular charm that attracts tourists of different types. However, it is difficult to find a destination that offers a combination of history, sports activities and nature as impressive as the Reino de los Mallos.

2. Murillo de Gállego Reino de los Mallos

In the RocRoi activity center located in Murillo de Gállego in the Reino de los Mallos, in the heart of the Aragonese pre-Pyrenees, we offer a multitude of options for lovers of adventure sports, history enthusiasts and all those who want to get lost in nature in one of the most impressive places in the Spanish geography. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to come to this natural paradise and practice some of our activities either in whitewater or in the mountains.

Natural and cultural richness of Murillo de Gállego

Despite the idyllic location and its exceptional orography, this is a very easily accessible destination. In fact, it is a strategic location in a unique natural environment both for its sporting and natural wealth as well as for its cultural offer. Halfway between Huesca and Jaca, some of the activities or services we offer are available in the surrounding towns such as Loarre, Sierra de Guara or Mallos de Riglos, among others.

It is located in a border area, on the south side of the Pyrenees and with the influence of the Mediterranean climate that gives us the possibility to offer activities from March to October. “It is a geological boundary with centenary olive trees, crossed by the Gállego river that acts as a link between different places”, explains Gustavo Ortas, head of operations and training at the UR Pirineos center in Murillo de Gállego.

There are many reasons that make this environment a special and strategic enclave in the Spanish geography. On the one hand, we must take into account that it is an ideal place for adventure sports practically all year round. Not only can you enjoy raftingcanyoning, canoeing and climbing, but its river and weather conditions allow you to practice these activities from March to October.

On the other hand, we are in a strategic location whose cultural and historical richness is unparalleled. If you dare to travel back a thousand years in time, you will discover a tiny kingdom in the Hoya de Huesca, called the Reino de los Mallos. Here, its main attraction is the Mallos de Riglos, geological formations with a span of up to 300 metres that stand out for their reddish colour and have become an ideal place for climbing. “Without a doubt, they are the highest conglomerate walls in the world and are a great attraction and an attractive product for all climbers”, Ortas assures us.

Outdoor Leisure in Murillo de Gállego

This area is the geological boundary between the Ebro depression and the Pyrenees, which forms such a characteristic orography, with unique ridges that provides a great cultural, historical and geological value. Here you can practice activities such as climbing, via ferrata or hiking in an inimitable environment.

To this natural environment we must add the Gállego River that makes possible the practice of other river activities such as rafting, whitewater rafting, hydrospeed, canoeing or canyoning. From RocRoi we offer several packs of joint activities that offer you the possibility to live different extreme sports experiences in white waters. To this we must add a multi-adventure circuit that allows the inexperienced to approach for the first time to this type of activities and the bungee jumpimg, in which the most daring will be able to release all the adrenaline accumulated from 25 meters high over the Gállego river and in front of the Mallos de Riglos.