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It would be difficult to find someone who has come to do mushing at our activity center who hasn’t fallen in love with the wonderful dogs that make this experience possible. They are the undisputed protagonists of this activity, and with their enthusiasm it is impossible for us not to be infected with their energy and vitality.

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Albert, the musher responsible at RocRoi, tells us many curiosities about them, and as we know that these dogs have many fans and followers, we will love to share these details with you all. Albert and his family are in charge of taking care of them all year round, creating a very special bond between them. You only have to see the joy of dogs when Albert is around to realize this!

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Mushing dogs are very active and energetic animals. Because of that, it can give us the feeling that they are a little restless when they are on the sled just before starting the mushing activity. But it is precisely the emotion they are feeling what makes them seem impatient. But when they hear their musher saying “avant!”, everything changes, and they start running, which is undoubtedly what they like best. They are natural born snow runners!

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These dogs are prepared to travel long distances without stopping. In fact they love to run and run through the snowy woods. For this reason, we can often see dogs on sleds even if there are no customers doing the activity, because that is what they need to be happy. Equipped with harnesses, which are designed not to hurt them, dogs can cover incredible distances in a single day (more than 140 km). On our hilly routes, they go at a speed of 10 to 16 kilometers per hour.

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We finish this first post on mushing with images of the whole gang. See you in the snow!

Secrets of Mushing