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This weekend we celebrated the second ROCROI KAYAK DEMO DAYS. for those who don’t know this event is about having a whole weekend in the Noguera Pallaresa river testing all our white water kayaks of the brands we distribute like Jackson Kayak, Kayaks Dagger, Kayaks Robson, and more.

¿Why try a kayak? Because we have proved that there are sportspeople or amateurs buying material without being able to prove it and due to that the choice is not made by relevant factors. Sometimes we see that people decides for a kayak for reasons such as: a recommendation of a friend, muy favorite paddler has it, because I like the colour, because the way seems right or because it’s the best offer I have found. In ROCROI we have always thought and advised to our clients in a different way.

We know that each paddler of white waters has a different morphology and it makes that maybe the kayak that is good for us dont be the right one for another person. To try a kayak lets you determine what you want to do in the river before you decide a particular model. In this way you can chose the type of kayak that suits more to your needs and avoid buying a kayak to which you have to adapt yourself.

Kayak demo day RocRoi

During the two of the weekend of may and june in which we made the RocRoi Kayak Demo Days, more than 50 paddlers have tried kayaks with us and have let us certificate that trying kayaks changes our way of thinking and allow us value in a very different way the right kayak for us. The point of view when deciding turns into: this kayak is very comfortable, it helps me descent by the rapids in a safety way, with this kayak I advanced more than in the last 6 months, with this kayak I could make the descent without worrying about the radicals movements  which I didnt have control,… These are the phrases that we have most listened during the ROCROI Kayak demo days. For that reason we are sure this is the way to keep promotioning the white waters in order to help athletes and amateurs have fun in the river with the kayak that best suits to him/her and to its navegation.

Si a esto le sumáis que los DEMO DAYS los celebramos en la base de YETI EMOTIONS y que la cerramos en exclusiva para estos eventos tenemos un lugar ideal para pasar un fin de semana entre amigos y disfrutando de uno de los mejores ríos de aguas bravas de España.

Probar kayaks en RocRoi Adventure Center
Probar kayaks en RocRoi Adventure Center

Nuestro próximo ROCROI KAYAK DEMO DAYS tendrá lugar durante los días 25 y 26 de julio. Inscríbete ahora y disfruta de un fin de semana en el que podrás palear con algunos de los mejores palistas del pirineo, recibir sus recomendaciones y consejos navegando por el Noguera Pallaresa y celebrarlo por la noche con una buena cena en compañía de más amigos que comparten la pasión por el Kayak.

Prueba de Kayaks en el Noguera Pallaresa

Nos vemos en el Noguera Pallaresa en el tercer DEMO DAYS!!!