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A few days ago, we were talking about the collaboration we’ve started with the IDEA Institute, a center specialized in the training of animal care experts, fully committed to the welfare and respect that animals deserve. We are proud to have been chosen as an example of a job well done when working with animals.

ROCROI Andorra © Agustín Suárez:FotoPasGrau-12

IDEA is organizing a professional mushing course next April focusing on the cares these dogs require. The course aims to provide theoretical and practical training on this discipline: most common breeds and their anatomy; material employed; oral indications in mushing; feeding elite dogs; first aid; training of a canine athlete; etc. The practical part of the course includes a contact with the dogs in their habitat, and IDEA has chosen the team of mushers of ROCROI Andorra to show the daily work in our center of Grandvalira.

ROCROI Andorra © Agustín Suárez:FotoPasGrau-16 IDEA is born as a response to society’s growing awareness of the care and respect that animals deserve. As a result, there is an increase in the demand for qualified personnel for the treatment and care of animals. The aim of IDEA is to improve the efficiency and specialization of the veterinary. It is the only private center specializing in the training of subjects related to animals, nature and environment that develops and designs its own contents. In ROCROI, we are delighted to be able to collaborate in this initiative by sharing and transmitting to future caregivers our experience in the care of these wonderful animals.

ROCROI Andorra © Agustín Suárez:FotoPasGrau-20