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For many families, the week around Carnival has become a small break in the middle of the long stretch that goes from Christmas to Easter. A perfect opportunity to escape for a few days with your family and enjoy Winter to the fullest. For all those who choose the mountain for this Winter break, at RocRoi we have prepared a very special offer to make your trip to the snow unforgettable.

Carnaval en Familia

From February 12th to 16th (from Monday to Friday), we have prepared a very complete pack of activities to fully enjoy a day in the snow. These packs are designed so you can have a try of the outdoor activities that we offer at RocRoi Andorra. The packs are suitable experiences for all, and they are conducted with the care and supervision of our guides, who will take care of everything so that everything.

We offer you a pack with the following activities at an absolutely fantastic price: 45€!!!

  • Igloo building (1h)
  • Tubing (1h)
  • Mushing (2km)
  • Snowshoeing (1h)

Carnaval en familia-2

If you prefer to choose and try only one activity, the one that really motivates you, the one you have been wanting to try for some time… We have also thought about you. In that case, from February 12 to 16 you can do this dreamed activity with a 30% discount on the price you see on the web. We want you to visit us, and we are going to make it very easy for you;)

Fi de temporada-2

*More info and bookings: reservas@rocroi.com
*We remind you that this activity is designed for families, and that children must always be accompanied by an adult.