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During Carnival vacation enjoy snow activities with your family

If you are a resident in Andorra or a French tourist who decides to spend a few days in Andorra; take advantage of the Carnival holidays in February to enjoy snow activities with your family!


Carnival week is ideal to spend a few days with your family, rest and do activities together. And since we know that many cabbages decide to give their students a week from February 15 to 21, we have decided to make a small selection of activities to do as a family.

In this selection you will find the new 2 km mushing family pack designed for adults and children. A fun and very adventurous activity to try with your little ones, from 3 years old! Dog sledding is one of our star activities and it is a very fun activity to do with the little ones, they enjoy a lot and when the activity is over you will be able to pet and spend a while with the dogs. It is important to know that it is not possible to carry out this activity with any type of family pet, even if it is small, as they can cause confrontations with our dogs, it is better to avoid problems.

Another of the activities that you will find in this special Carnival selection is the ‘Adventure in the mountains’. An activity that consists of a snowshoe route for 2 hours without a guide, that is, you must find the route yourself, that is what adventure consists of. You dare? Next, our guides will show you how to make an authentic Eskimo igloo as well as shovels and tools to do it. The challenge is to build an igloo that you can fit inside to take this photo: P And all this in just 1 hour and a half.

Sessió de fotos activitats esportives a Grau

Once these activities have been completed, you will have successfully completed your mountain adventure in the Moretó forest.

Reserve your favorite experiences for this Carnival from today until February 21.

Take advantage of the Carnival holidays in the schools to spend good times, very fun and adventurous with your family.