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Canyoning to do with friends in the Picos de Europa, Cantabria

Barrancos para hacer con amigos en Cantabria

Embarking on adventures in the Picos de Europa in Cantabria with family or friends is an ideal option for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This stunning mountain range offers a wide variety of options to enjoy adventure activities in the north and experience excitement in a spectacular environment. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, canyoning with family or friends is an excellent choice. Here are the top 3 canyons to do with family or friends in the Picos de Europa, Cantabria. 

Canyoning with friends in the Cicera River, Cantabria

The canyon in the Cicera River offers a unique experience that combines thrilling descents with dreamlike scenery. In this canyon, you’ll encounter several rappels, with the longest one being 22 meters, and you’ll even swim under a waterfall. This canyon is considered expert-level, although it’s suitable for participants aged 16 and above with previous experience in similar activities. Canyoning with friends is always a great option, but in this canyon, you’ll surpass your fears and get lost in the impressive waterfalls and natural pools that the Cicera River has to offer. 


Canyoning with friends in the Navedo River, Cantabria

Canyoning in the Picos de Europa is a popular adventure activity with many canyons of various difficulty levels to explore. The canyon in the Navedo River is one of the most prominent canyons in the Picos de Europa. This canyon offers an exhilarating journey with jumps, natural slides, and rappels amidst breathtaking surroundings. The descent is of intermediate level and suitable for children aged 11 and above. So, if you’re looking to venture into this adventure sport, canyoning with friends in the Navedo River is the ideal choice. Experienced guides will provide you with the necessary equipment and ensure your safety throughout the experience. 

Family canyoning in the Middle Navedo River, Cantabria

If you’re seeking a canyon experience suitable for the whole family, the Middle Navedo River canyon is an excellent option. This descent offers a gentler route with lower jumps and rappels, perfect for children to enjoy the adventure in the Picos de Europa in Cantabria. The canyon is of initiation level, and children as young as 6 years old can join in on the adventure. So, whether you want your little ones to have fun or enjoy the experience with your friends, this canyon is a great choice. Expert guides will ensure everyone’s safety and maximize the fun. 

Other adventure activities in the Picos de Europa, Cantabria

    • Hydrospeed in the Ebro River: Hydrospeed is an adventure activity that involves descending rapids, in this case, those of the Ebro River, with the help of a small floating board. In this experience, you’ll have the opportunity to feel the true adrenaline as you glide through the turbulent waters of the river, always under the supervision of experienced guides. 
    • Canoarafting in the Ebro River: Canoarafting combines the excitement of kayaking with the stability of inflatable canoes. You’ll navigate through the rapids of the Ebro River in an inflatable vessel, enjoying the whitewater as you work together as a team to successfully navigate the river. This activity is perfect for groups of friends seeking a fun and challenging experience. 
    • Rafting in the Deva River: The Deva River offers some of the best rafting routes in the Picos de Europa. You’ll descend through thrilling rapids and admire the beauty of the river’s gorge. With expert rafting guides, you can enjoy a safe and fun-filled experience in the heart of the Picos de Europa. 
    • Via Ferrata el Milar: For those seeking a vertical adventure experience, the Via Ferrata el Milar is a perfect choice. This exciting route combines climbing and hiking, allowing you to ascend through rocky walls equipped with steps, ladders, and steel cables. From the summit, you’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Picos de Europa.


In summary, adventure activities in the Picos de Europa in Cantabria offer a wide variety of options to enjoy adventure and excitement in an unparalleled natural environment. Canyoning in the Cicera and Navedo rivers, along with the family canyoning in the Middle Navedo River, are excellent choices for enjoying time with family or friends. Additionally, you can experience other activities such as hydrospeed, canoarafting, rafting, and via ferrata that will complement your adventure in the Picos de Europa. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Cantabria!