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Buying a gift card at RocRoi is very easy!

Buying a gift card at RocRoi is very easy, you just have to:

1. Visit  www.rocroi.com

Type www.rocroi.com in your browser, to get to our website. You can buy any activity you want there! But if you are looking for a Gift Card…

2. To get a Gift Card, click on the gift card icon, on the main navigation menu  (top right corner of the Home Page).

There, choose the type of gift you want to offer: a birthday, Christmas’ time, Father’s Day… whatever you want!

3. Once you have chosen the gift card, you’ll just have to shape it. 

Choose the amount you want to give away, select the image you like best, decide if you want to send the gift card by email, and just fill in the form. Once this process is finished, click on the green button BUY.

4. Add the Gift Card to your shopping cart

Great! Your gift card has been added to your shopping cart.

5. Now, go to the shopping cart and manage your payment.

Top right corner, where the shopping cart is, you will see the products you’ve got on it. Choose if you want to continue shopping or if you are done, and therefore, you can check out. Fill in the form with your details to proceed with the payment. You’ve already bought your gift voucher!

6. Validate your code and enjoy your Gift!

Now, to transform your gift into an experience, the person receiving the voucher must use the code he or she has been given. How is it done? Very easy! Browse through our website and select the activity. Then, as in any purchase, you click on the cart, and once there, type the code received in the gift voucher.

Perfect! The person who has received the gift will have the amount of your gift card discounted, and they will be able to enjoy an activity 100% RocRoi!