Do not forget to write this date on your calendar: November 29. Because in we have prepared a very special surprise for you: Black Friday.

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We assure you the best discount of the season. Do not miss it, go to next Friday, November 29 and discover the great surprise that awaits you.

Remember that you can take advantage of it exclusively on Black Friday November 29 and it will not be valid any other day.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and was born in the 60s when retailers joined forces to increase sales days before the holiday season.

Although the term ‘Black Friday’ came years later when a newsletter warned of chaos in the streets during the day after Thanksgiving dinner.

So today, many shops join the Black Friday party to increase sales and many buyers take the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts a few days after Christmas.

In RocRoi we have not wanted to be left behind and we bet on this special day by launching the best offer of the season during Black Friday 2019.

Rafting, canoeing, hydrospeed, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, mushing, forest discovery, archery, sailing, … imagine all the adventures you can do or even give away at a unique price in the season!

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Give an adventure to who else you love these parties. Although you can also give it to yourself;)

Remember! This Friday, November 29, go to and take advantage of the Black Friday offer.