Top 3 snow activities to do on a weekend in la Molina and Vall de Núria

Weekend in La Molina and Vall de Núria


In the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, La Molina and La Vall de Núria are dream destinations for lovers of snow and outdoor adventure activities. Whether you’re looking for the thrill of conquering snow-capped peaks, soaking up the beauty of pristine landscapes on snowshoes, or gliding elegantly down the ski slopes, these winter gems offer a unique experience ideal for an adventurous weekend. Here are the three best snow activities to enjoy during a weekend in La Molina and Vall de Núria.


Snowshoeing in La Molina


La Molina, with its well-earned reputation as one of Spain’s oldest ski resorts, not only attracts experienced skiers, but also offers unforgettable adventures for those seeking quieter experiences. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in La Molina is to take part in a guided snowshoe tour in Cerdanya.

This route, perfect for those looking for family activities, runs through the forest to the Cap de Ginebrar Peak. This beginners’ level excursion is suitable for children aged 7 and over, making it an ideal option for families looking to share an adventure in the snow. Guided by local experts, you will discover the serenity of the snowy forests while learning the basics of snowshoeing. The panoramic views from the Cap de Ginebrar Peak offer a unique reward, making this experience an unforgettable treasure of the region.


Snowshoeing baptism in La Vall de Núria


The Vall de Núria, a glacial valley hidden in the mountains, is a magical setting for those looking for a gentle introduction to the world of snowshoeing. The snowshoeing baptism in La Vall de Núria is a 2-hour experience designed to familiarise participants with the basics of this activity while allowing them to observe the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the valley.

Guided by local experts, participants will learn how to properly put on their snowshoes, master basic hiking techniques and enjoy a day full of exploration. The Vall de Núria, with its magnificent and spectacular surroundings, provides the perfect setting for adventure tourism. As you walk through the snow, you will experience the tranquillity and majesty of winter nature.


Group Skiing Lessons in La Vall de Núria


If you’ve ever dreamed of gliding gracefully down the slopes, La Vall de Núria offers the perfect opportunity to take your first steps. A group ski lesson, designed for groups of at least 4 people, will immerse you in the exciting world of this winter sport. With the help of specialised instructors, you’ll become familiar with basic skiing techniques, from balance to speed control, creating a solid foundation for future adventures in the snow.

By joining other enthusiasts who want to learn to ski, you will create bonds as you venture together on this exciting journey. The Vall de Núria, with its well-groomed slopes and friendly atmosphere, provides the perfect setting for learning to ski.


In short, La Molina and La Vall de Núria offer a diverse range of winter experiences for all tastes and levels of ability, learning and lasting memories amidst the winter beauty of the Pyrenees.