Mejores rutas en kayak en Espa√Īa: desde playas paradisiacas ūüŹĚÔłŹ hasta aguas bravas ūüí¶ ¬°Reserva ya! ‚ě§

The best cycling routes for families in Spain

To all intrepid adventurers and adrenaline lovers! At RocRoi we are very excited to tell you about one of our latest proposals to escape to the mountains. In this article we are going to tell you about the best family mountain bike routes you can do with us.  

If you know us, you must already know that we are passionate about strong emotions, right? From parachute jumping to canyon jumping, with RocRoi you have adventures everywhere. Now you can also discover the adventure of mountain biking, pedalling on trails and slopes on two wheels! Mountain biking is pure excitement, adventure and nature at its purest, and that’s exactly what we love. ¬†

We present you the best destinations to discover by bike:  


Mountain bike rental in Sierra de Guadarrama  


Discover the beauty of the Sierra de Guadarrama on two wheels! We offer you the opportunity to explore this spectacular natural environment in a unique and exciting way. You can choose between a guided route and a free route, depending on your level, both lasting 3 hours. Whether you want to hike the winding trails through the dense pine forests, conquer the challenging mountain climbs or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll through the stunning scenery of the Sierra, there is a route for you!  


Cabo de Gata: Discover the Coast by bike


We offer you the opportunity to discover the unique beauty of the coastal paradise of Cabo de Gata in an active and eco-friendly way. With a wide selection of mountain bikes, we have the perfect means of transport for you to make the most of your adventure.  

Ride along the winding trails along the coastline, discover hidden beaches with crystal clear waters and marvel at the unique volcanic landscapes that characterise this protected area. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling mountain biking trip or a leisurely family ride, we have the right bike for you. ¬†


 Discover the Menorca Coast from water and land   


Whether you choose to paddle along the coast in a kayak or cycle the trails of Menorca, there’s an adventure activity for you in Menorca. ¬†

In Menorca you can not only explore the crystal clear waters of the island by kayak. For those who love adventure on land, the cycling routes around the island are well known to cycling enthusiasts. You have the opportunity to tour the island on two wheels, exploring its charming villages, rural landscapes and historic roads. From thrilling mountain routes to tranquil coastal rides, we have the perfect itinerary to satisfy your exploration desires.  

Don’t wait any longer to discover the natural beauty of Menorca in an active and exciting way!¬† ¬†


These are just a selection of the multitude of cycling activities we have for you, discover many more cycling activities!  

So get ready to pedal your way to adventure. Mountain biking has never been so exciting, and we’re here to take you on the most incredible trails you’ve ever experienced – see you at the top!¬†