Best Adventure Plans for Families in Cantabria

In Cantabria, with its astonishing natural beauty and the majestic Picos de Europa as a backdrop, it’s an ideal place to enjoy exciting family adventures. At ROCROI, specialists in active tourism, we have carefully selected the best experiences for you and your children to discover the magic of Cantabria.

1. Snowshoeing in Alto Campoo: Explore the Picos de Europa!


Can you imagine walking on snow in the middle of the Picos de Europa with your family? This exciting winter adventure in Alto Campoo, Cantabria, offers breathtaking panoramic views. It’s the perfect activity for adventurous families.

2. Skiing Lessons in Alto Campoo: Introduce your children to skiing


From the age of 3, your children can take their first steps in the world of skiing in Alto Campoo. Qualified instructors will provide them with a safe and fun introduction to this exciting sport.

3. Discover the Cabárceno Nature Park: Educational fun for the whole family


Step into the Cabárceno Nature Park, where you can observe exotic animals in their natural habitat. This educational and fun experience will captivate all family members.

4. Canoeing down the Deva River: Water adventure for all ages


Enjoy an exciting family adventure canoeing down the Deva River. From the youngest members aged 3 and up to adults, everyone can join this experience, provided the safety requirements are met.

5. Via Ferrata El Milar: Climbing and hiking with spectacular views


For families with children older than 12 years and teenagers, the Via Ferrata El Milar offers an exciting combination of climbing and hiking with spectacular views of the Picos de Europa.

6. Extreme Canoarafting on the Cares River: A dose of adrenaline for the bravest


If your family is full of the brave, extreme Canoarafting on the Cares River is the experience you need. A dose of adrenaline in the stunning setting of the Picos de Europa.

7. Family Canyoning in the Middle Navedo River: Fun adventure for everyone


If you’re looking for an activity suitable for the whole family, canyoning in the Middle Navedo River is an excellent option. The youngest can join in this exciting adventure, provided the safety requirements are met.

8. Enjoy a family getaway in Cantabria


Cantabria offers a variety of adventure activities ideal for families. From skiing in Alto Campoo to the thrilling canoe descent on the Deva River, there’s something for everyone. Explore the natural beauty of Cantabria and create unforgettable memories as a family!

In Cantabria, adventure and family fun are guaranteed. 

Come and discover everything this beautiful corner of Spain has to offer!