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Aran Valley: Weekend getaway

The Aran Valley emerges as a hidden treasure in the Catalan Pyrenees. This mountainous enclave, located in the province of Lleida, Catalonia, not only captivates with its breathtaking scenery, but also offers a rich cultural heritage and a wide range of activities for all tastes. From the serenity of its villages to the excitement of its outdoor adventures, the Aran Valley promises a weekend getaway that will leave a lasting impression on the hearts of those who venture to discover it.

We propose a carefully designed itinerary to explore and enjoy all that the Aran Valley has to offer. From exciting outdoor activities to authentic gastronomic experiences, this weekend promises to be an unforgettable adventure!

Friday, arrival at the Aran Valley

After a long journey you arrive at your destination. First, you will check into your accommodation and contemplate the charm of this mountainous destination. Its picturesque cobblestone streets and stone buildings welcome you. Once you are settled in your accommodation, you will head to a local restaurant to enjoy a typical local dinner. We recommend you try the exquisite Olla Aranesa, a traditional dish that combines local flavors in a delicious stew. You can accompany the dinner with a good red wine of the region and you will be immersed in the night atmosphere of the Aran Valley.

Saturday, today we have all day ahead of us


Start the day with a good breakfast in a cozy café. We recommend a strong coffee and something solid to give you enough energy to face the morning.

After breakfast, you can head to the Aran Valley Museum, where you will discover the rich history and culture of the region, from ancient artifacts to modern exhibits. From ancient artifacts to modern exhibits, there is something for everyone!

Afterwards, you can wander around until you find a local restaurant where you can have a nice meal


It’s time to put yourselves to the test with an exciting via ferrata session in Cledes. With the help of expert guides, you will climb the rocks and challenge the limits of your physical and mental endurance. As you make your way up the via ferrata, you’ll revel in the breathtaking panoramic views of the valley stretching out before you.

Optional Activities:

If you want to explore further, you can opt for a hike along the nearby trails. Surrounded by vegetation and majestic mountains, you will enter the serenity of nature and see spectacular scenery.


To culminate a day full of emotions, you will return to the lodge to enjoy a comforting dinner. Buy typical and local ingredients and prepare something for dinner. You can share how you spent the day and start thinking about tomorrow.

Sunday, you can still take advantage of it


After recharging your batteries, get ready for an exciting rafting adventure on the Garonne River. Equipped with life jackets and paddles, you launch into the turbulent waters, you will feel the thrill of the rapid pace of the water.


To put the finishing touch to the weekend getaway, go to a multi-adventure circuit surrounded by forests and trees of the Aran Valley. With suspension bridges, rope nets and other exciting attractions, fun is guaranteed for the whole family. Do not leave without sliding down the giant zip line, you will feel the breeze on your face as you go through the trees.

With your heart full of memories and your mind full of adventures, it’s time to say goodbye to the Aran Valley. You are going home but having experienced a truly enjoyable weekend in this mountain paradise.
We hope you like this itinerary 🙂