Which is the rafting descent most appropiate for you?

When it’s time to choose the rafting activity you want to do, you usually have doubts and ask for our advice. When we are defining each activity, we always have into account different appropiate aspects such as difficulty, length of the activity, etc, in order to be able to offer experiences to everyone. As a result, each activity has its main target, but today we would like to provide a few general guidelines to help you choose.


The descent that goes from Llavorsí to Rialp (14km) is the classic rafting activity in the Noguera Pallaresa river. White-water rafting at its purest, the descent you must have expererienced to feel first-hand the energy of the river.


But what will problably happen is that once in the river, a 14km-trip will not be enough and you’ll be begging for more. Thats why there is another descent from Llavorsí to Montardit, 20km, which is perfect to enjoy the river in all its intensity. Half a day of thrilling rafting, no hurry. Our recommendation is to take this activity with lunch included. Thus, once you’ve finished the descent, we’ll take you to our activity base Yeti Emotions in Llavorsí, a great place to relax and rest with a great meal.