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Adventure Activities to do in Cantabria

Cantabria, with its impressive Picos de Europa, offers an endless array of adventure activities that attract both families looking for multi-adventure family getaways and individuals eager for outdoor experiences filled with adrenaline. The region stands out as a prime destination for active tourism, offering everything from thrilling rafting on the Deva and Ebro rivers, to cave exploration in family spelunking, to aquatic challenges like hydrospeed.


Rafting and Canoaraft: Thrills on the Wild Waters


Experience the adrenaline with rafting and canoaraft on the Deva, Cares, and Ebro rivers. These activities, perfect for an adventure weekend, are suitable for both children and adults, from serene stretches ideal for family activities, to challenging rapids for the more experienced adventurers.

Via Ferrata and Canyoning: Vertical and Aquatic Adventure


Challenge your limits with the via Ferrata El Milar and ‘Escaleras al cielo’ in La Hermida and canyoning experiences in the Cicera and Navedo rivers, as well as in the Ajan Alto ravine in Vega de Pas. These multi-adventure activities promise a mix of adrenaline and connection with nature, available for groups and families.

Speleology and Hydrospeed: Exploring the Unknown


Family speleology in the Buenita cave and hydrospeed on the Ebro river offer unique perspectives of Cantabria. These active tourism activities take you from the depths of the earth to the living currents of its rivers, perfect for adventurers of all ages.

Skiing and Snowshoeing: Winter Adventure in Alto Campoo


Alto Campoo transforms the winter season into an mountain adventure, with ski classes accessible for all levels and snowshoe routes inviting you to explore the majestic snowy landscapes of the Picos de Europa.

Canoes and Rafting: Fluvial Fun for Everyone


The descent of canoes on the Deva river and family rafting on the Ebro river stand out as inclusive activities that promise fun and adventure for groups and families, reinforcing Cantabria as the ideal destination for multi-adventure companies.

Cantabria and the Picos de Europa offer a world of adventure waiting to be explored. From family activities to challenges for the boldest, we invite everyone to experience the thrill of outdoor adventure.

Outdoor lover, this is your call to action: the Picos de Europa await you with open arms to provide unforgettable adventure experiences. Join the adventure in Cantabria and elevate your active tourism experience to the highest level!