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Which activities can I do with kids during summer?

The main question all parents have during summer, what kind of activities can we do with children? 

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Our summer camp responsable, Gemma, we’ll give us some tips and recommendations to solve our questions about activities for ages. Pay attention! 

If your kid is 5 and under, it’s time to develop their their motor and intellectual abilities, so some games and activities that you can play with them are building sand castles on the beach, the ‘treasure hunt‘ and, in all games, it is important that they do it with other children to promote social relationships and tolerance.  

Gemma says that ‘the main objective will be introduce them into beach activities as a fun way and at the same time in safely mode, as they can develop their capacities in a new environment with other kids as him/her. Not only they will play inside and outside the wáter, we organise with them artistic activities, as the creation of shell collars, knowlegde environmental games and cultural outings, as the search of some birds or excursions to Pasífae.’ 

For the most adventurers, we recommend to go to La Torrassa lake in Pallars Sobirà, where you will be able to rent a canoe, kayaks (2, 3 and for 4 people) as you can go altogether. 



But not only this, you can also practice trekking in the Aigüestortes i Sant Maurici National Park in a natural protected landscapes with more than 200 lakes and named by UNESCO as a Turistic destiny and Starlight reserve. 

You can also practice horse riding in easy routes, flat paths and so fun to do with your family. 

If your kids are between 6 and 12 years old, in summer, it means, from now on, the possibilities are so much greater. Not only you can do all explained below, but you will be able to start practicing bike rides besides the sea or lakes, play altogether beach football, go outside to swim in the pool, sea or lakes or choose one of these adrenaline experiences as rafting from 5 km until 14km, canyoning for begginers in the Berròs or Sant Pere and the via ferrata in Alins which combines trekking and climbing in one same experience.  

Gemma also take these notes. ‘It is true, some of you will be surprised by kids enjoying rafting a lot, it doesn’t matter if they’re scared at first sight, most of them say to me: ‘Can I repeat tomorrow? 

You can also share kayaks, canoe, paddle surf in some lakes where you go on vacation.  

But if your family prefer the beach experience, another options you can do altogether in the beach are kayak navigation, catamaran, paddle surfing, sailing or pedalos with sledge. Experiences which combines relax and also adventure in a natural landscapes as the Catalan coast.  

‘In summer camps in Vilanova when we teach children to navigate in open kayak or paddle surf, they get it so fast and there’s no way to pull them out of water.’ – Gemma organizes summer camps in Vilanova from June 23th until September 11th for children from 4 years old. 

And she adds: ‘The summer camps we create groups by ages and friends so they can learn all these activities arranged to capacities and abilities for their age. Not only organize sport games (football, voley, rugby), but we also encourage traditional games as the petanque, the game of the handkerchief or the ‘charranca. Whithout forgetting the knowledge environmental games with the purpose they discover the flora and fauna of the zone, and contribute to their preservation. 


From 15 years old, the experiences to do with your family contains a bit more adrenaline as jump in the zip line, initiate to surfing, do an adventure circuit in the forest, hydrospeed or river kayak descending. All of them are experiences to live a family adventure this summer. 


Each of these activities contains a part of adventure and adrenaline for the mountain one; relax and enjoyable the sea ones but all of them with the same objective: enjoy a special moment, funny and unforgettable with who you want to share with.

Always better with responsibility

All our adventure experience centers are located in protected natural areas or those of great environmental wealth. 

We consider it important to be able to enjoy nature outdoors in the best conditions. 

We must be responsible and continue to conserve these natural places as we would like to find them. 

This summer, all of us will take care of the environment so that we can continue to enjoy our beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers. 

UPDATED 15/04/2024