Updated: 21/12/2023


Origami for kids is not only a fun activity, but also a great way to stimulate creativity and develop the manual dexterity of young children.

In this article, we’ll explore some origami ideas that will not only encourage creativity, but could also inspire future family adventures – get ready to dive into the fascinating world of paper!


1. Santa Claus:


Let’s start our creative journey with the origami Father Christmas figure. This activity not only unleashes Christmas magic, but also offers special family moments.


2. Sailing Canoe:


Imagine the thrill of sailing a canoe across the Torrassa lake in La Guingueta d’Àneu. Who wouldn’t want to explore the world in their own paper canoe? As well as being a creative activity, this origami inspires dreams of aquatic adventures and provides an opportunity to talk about the importance of exploring nature.


3. Adventurous Sailboat:


After creating a canoe, why not venture further afield with a paper sailboat? Dream of exploring beaches and oceans as you build your own sailboat. Once you’re ready for real adventures, visit our centre in Vilanova y la Geltrú to experience the thrill of sailing on a real sailboat! Dive into adventure sports and sea kayaking with us! Find out more about our water sports experiences and outdoor adventures – welcome to the real thrill of water adventure!


4. Animal Fun: An Origami Zoo


The classic origami that never goes out of style are the little animals. From jumping frogs to colourful birds, children can explore the diversity of the animal kingdom through paper figures.

How about adding a penguin, a playful frog, a majestic whale or even a Christmas reindeer to your collection? Encourage creativity and a connection with nature as a family.

There’s no better time than now to enjoy creative activities at home.




Captivate your children’s imagination with an origami whale. This majestic sea animal will remind them of the grandeur of nature and could be the starting point for conversations about marine life.




Stimulate creativity and fine motor coordination with a fun origami jumping frog, ideal for family activities.




Dive into environmental education with a charming origami penguin, inspiring conversations about habitat protection and polar adventures.


It’s exciting to see how these paper figures are not only clever folds, but also stories that inspire. The sailing canoe that dreams of exploring lakes or the charming penguin that immerses us in conversations about protecting the environment are just the beginning of our origami adventures.

So, parents, continue to use these family days to explore new ways to play, learn and make memories together. Who knows, maybe these origami figures will become memories to treasure forever.

Let’s keep exploring creativity as a family and we hope to see you soon at RocRoi to continue enjoying together!