6 Origami Figures for Kids during de quarantine

Hello fathers and mothers who have been locked up at home for 26 days with your little ones, we want to help you to better spend the remaining time of confinement. And that’s why, today we give you some origami or origami ideas for kids that are easy and fun, to play and not stop!


Origami for children is one of the easiest and most entertaining activities to do with your little ones. In addition, origami is an activity that benefits the correct development of the child since it enhances the creative stimulation of children and their manual dexterity. It is also an activity to help the little ones in the development of their memory, since repeating the figures reinforces memory and spatial concepts.

The coolest and easiest origami we have found today is this super canoe that runs through the Torrassa lake in La Guingueta d’Àneu. How many of you have an infinite desire to come and enjoy canoes on the lake?

canoe rocroi

Another origami that you can make a reality once the quarantine is over is to go sailing on the Garraf beaches in our center of Vilanova and la Geltrú, just 40 minutes from Barcelona. Who dares to make a tuned RocRoi sailboat?


You can also make other origami my cool like this Indian crown, super easy to make and very authentic for everyone to play Indians at home. Who signs up?


Although the origami that always succeed and will never stop doing are those of the animals: frogs, birds, fish, sharks, etc.

ranaok tauro cerdito

Remember, don’t stop playing, have fun and enjoy this time together with your little ones, couples and mothers and fathers. Take the opportunity to have fun and have a good time together.

We are waiting for you this summer at RocRoi to continue enjoying together!