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5 plans to enjoy bank holidays in the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees


Take advantage of the last days of the river before the arrival of winter and enjoy the best adventure sports, such as rafting and canyoning in the surroundings of Llavorsí and Murillo de Gállego. 

Admit it. You came back to work after the holidays and you are already looking at the calendar in search of the next bank holidays to escape away from the city, breathe fresh air and disconnect. We’ve got you! Don’t worry, you are not an exception. And, if what you want is to escape and reconcile with the mountain, we bring you the solution. Only one month left until the next bank holidays and from RocRoi we bring you five plans to enjoy it in an idyllic setting: the Pyrenees.¬†

Sport, nature, art and gastronomy come together in the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees. We propose an itinerary for the most demanding palates, experts in Romanesque architecture and, above all, for the most adventurous. 

If you are from Zaragoza you are lucky, because you enjoy a whole week off to travel. At RocRoi we recommend you discover the north of the province and Huesca, although if you have at least three more days to spare, we encourage you to cross the Catalan Pyrenees and explore the surroundings of Llavorsí. Go for it! 

5 plans to enjoy a getaway during bank holidays  

Let’s start with the Catalan Pyrenees. There we find the surroundings of Llavors√≠ and one of its greatest attractions: the Noguera Pallaresa river. We recommend you take advantage of the last throes of the rafting, canoeing and, ultimately, river sports season before the arrival of winter. The last days of summer are much better if it‚Äôs in the middle of nature, when the leaves of the trees change color and give rise to yellowish, orange and brown tones.¬†

Mark in red on your itinerary a stop at the center of RocRoi de Llavors√≠ to enjoy the best whitewater rafting, canoeing and riverboarding, without forgetting canyoning. What’s more, now you have the option of enjoying the combined activity of canyoning and rafting for 59 euros, while if you hire them separately the price goes up to 90 euros. If you are new to this, don‚Äôt scare: the canyoning activity is for beginners, while the rafting descent down the Noguera Pallaresa is from Llavors√≠ to Rialp, the main section in the Pallars area.¬†

Not so far from the center of RocRoi you will find Espot, one of the most charming towns in the Catalan Pyrenees, whose Romanesque art and gastronomy you cannot miss. Don’t forget to make a short stop in Baiasca, a small town in Pallars Sobir√† where the Romanesque church of Sant Serni stands out.¬†

Sport, gastronomy and art in Huesca  

As for the Aragonese Pyrenees, if you pass through the north of the province of Zaragoza or Huesca, it is essential that you enjoy its whitewater rivers in the ‚ÄėReino de Los Mallos‚Äô and one of the national capitals of canyoning, as well as a paradise for climbers. If you are traveling as a family and want to immerse yourself in nature, visit our center in Murillo de G√°llego, where you can enjoy a spectacular rafting descent and contemplate the imposing ‚ÄėMallos de Riglos‚Äô. Its reddish-colored geological formations will surprise you while you enjoy an activity led by an instructor, suitable for the whole family, groups of friends and couples.¬†

In addition to sports and nature tourism, this region offers the opportunity to enjoy Loarre Castle, the best preserved Romanesque fortress in Europe. Its castle has been the setting for numerous films, such as ‚ÄėThe Kingdom of Heaven‚Äô. Visiting this Huesca fortress is one of the mandatory stops on any getaway through the region. So is enjoying the cuisine and culture of Huesca and Jaca, two recommended stops to recharge your batteries after practicing adventure sports.¬†

And, speaking of gastronomy, one hour from the center of UR Pirineos, and just over 30 minutes from Huesca, you‚Äôll find Somontano, where you can visit one of its wineries. Enate, Laus, Blecua, Sommos… all of them are denomination of origin.¬†