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5 books on sport and outdoors to give as a gift on Sant Jordi’s Day

Sant Jordi’s day is getting closer and closer, and at RocRoi we know that it can be difficult to choose and choose just one book.

This is also the perfect opportunity to give your favourite #OutdoorLover a book full of adventure. Whether it’s about the sport they do, an athlete who inspires them or even a completely new sport, there are plenty of options to choose from.

That’s why today we bring you a list of 5 books about sport and outdoor activities:

Barbarian Days, by William Finnegan


Winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize, William Finnegan talks to us in Barbarian Days about his great obsession surfing.

He began his surfing journey as a young boy in Hawaii and California, and it was in the 1970s when, after completing his university studies, he left everything to pursue his passion and set off on his journey to Samoa, Indonesia, Fiji, Java, Australia and South Africa.

This intrepid journey, which on several occasions brought him to the brink of death, brought him back to his home country, the United States. Here, he embarks on a relentless search for the perfect wave, which, in turn, is the search for the meaning of his own existence.

Join Finnegan on this incredible journey, considered the best surfing book ever written.

Nada es imposible, by Kílian Jornet


Thanks to simplicity, Kílian Jornet, a Spanish athlete who competes in ski mountaineering and trail running, has achieved what seemed impossible. But all his achievements as an elite athlete are not by chance. He has trained his body and mind since childhood, preparing himself thoroughly for both success and failure.

In Nada es imposible, Kílian is sincere and shares the experience accumulated in this book in the most honest and vitalist way. He offers us a valuable lesson that encourages us to make our desires come true, running with passion and freedom while enjoying and respecting the mountain.

Via Instagram @kilianjornet

Quizás vivir sea esto, by Jorge Egocheaga Rodríguez


Quizás vivir sea esto is a book where Jorge Egocheaga bares his soul completely in an intimate account where through his experience and his words he allows us to feel the cold, the tiredness, the joys, the pain and the loneliness. It is also the heartbreaking account of the death of his wife Joëlle, and his best friend, the famous mountaineer Iñaki Ochoa de Olza, when they were pursuing their shared dream of climbing the fourteen eight-thousanders.

Jorge dedicates this book to the people who are no longer by his side, in a profound reflection on what life is and how it peaks at the last of the fourteen summits.

Descubre España sin límites (Guías singulares), by José Miguel Adánez and Laura Hernández


The world is full of incredible places that we all dream of, and luckily, we have a country full of true natural wonders. From lush forests to extreme deserts, endless sandy beaches, picturesque coves and beautiful mountain lakes, we have a country full of natural wonders.

If you have ever imagined yourself practising activities such as trekking trekking, kayaking, SUP, snowshoeing, among many others, this book is perfect for you. Here you will find 35 action-packed routes through the most amazing places in Spain, where you set the limits.

1000 ultimate adventures (Lonely Planet)


1000 ultimate adventures is the definitive book bringing together activities and challenges designed to captivate and inspire both seasoned and aspiring adventurers.

From the epic to the local, with activities by air and land. The suggestions you can find in this book will encourage you as a traveller to dream, plan and implement your next adventure.

RocRoi, commitment and sustainability taking care of the environment


At RocRoi, we are aware of the importance of caring for and looking after our natural surroundings, and, like sportsmen and outdoorlovers, we are committed to doing our bit for sustainability.

Every action we carry out is designed to care for and raise awareness of the environment, inspired by all those who fight with perseverance and effort to maintain natural spaces where nature and sport can be enjoyed.