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Yes, #rocroilovers, there are only 18 days left before the rafting season begins in Llavorsí, Pallars Sobirà.


The bad news: there are only 50 days left to enjoy the snow! Take advantage of the end of the season in Andorra to practice snow adventure activities that you have always wanted to try! Snowmobiles, snowshoes, mushing, archery, etc. Only for readers of our blog, now take advantage of 20% in snow activities with the code 20ROCROI.

Hits of rafting in March

Do you know why it is very top to come rafting in RocRoi in March? We tell you the basic points:

– Whitewater. Emotion and adrenaline.

If you like the excitement and adrenaline of adventure sports, this is the time when you will enjoy the white water of Noguera Pallaresa more.
The thaw and the force with which the water drops allows us to enjoy the ideal conditions for rafting.
Depending on the section you choose, the rapids are more or less intense, for example:

o Section from Llavorsí to Rialp 14km

The Llavorsí – Rialp section is the fastest concentration of the Noguera Pallaresa. The first section is 4km very quiet except for the “La Lavadora” rapid which is the first class IV rapid and is just below our facilities.

Then you will find a quiet area until kilometer 5 where the longest rapids of the Noguera Pallaresa begin. The “Cuatro Largo” is surely one of the longest and safest rapids of all the rivers where commercial rafting is done, for 3 kilometers you will enjoy wave trains, narrow and curlers that will make you feel the excitement of whitewater .

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You will arrive in this way the Gulleri Bridge which is half the route (8km) and from here to enjoy the most intense rapids, such as ‘La Sirga’, ‘La Isla’, ‘El cuatro Español’, until you reach the bridge from Rialp, (KM11) and from there in Rialp we have 3 km calm with some train of waves that will take us to the end of our tour.

o Section from Arboló to Collegats 14km

The Arboló – Collegats section is especially suitable for families who want to enjoy a safe and fun activity. This section is always practiced in the afternoon, since it is when the water arrives with better conditions, and runs through one of the most authentic places of the Noguera Pallaresa river in its final section: the “Collegats Gorge”.

You will start at the foot of the hermitage of Arboló, located in the Rock in the town of Gerri de la Sal; we will find some rapids like “La Banana” and you will pass under a Romanesque bridge that gives access to the spectacular monastery of Santa Maria de Gerri, sXII.

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After 8 km, you will enter the gorge of Collegats where you will find “La Platería”, a natural monument that is said to have inspired Antoni Gaudí for the construction of the Sagrada Familia.

The passage of Collegats will give us spectacular views of its canyon, and two of the ravines that end, the “Hell” ravine and the “San Pedro” ravine. A dream place surrounded by cliffs of more than 100 meters.

160726_T3_paisajes_Collegats_SIN AUTO (18)

– Less crowding

Spring is the time when the river conditions are better and, in addition, there is no excessive customer agglomeration at the base, so you will enjoy a much more personalized experience.
Our guides begin the descent with a brief explanation of the descent and the rowing technique when you practice rafting.
We recommend choosing Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m. or Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. when the warmth of the sun warms and the descent becomes more pleasant.

– Spring rocks. Sun, snow, excursions and rafting!

Spring is one of the best (if not the best) season to come at the Pallars. You can practice from snow sports and snow adventure activities such as rafting, outings, mountain excursions with an ideal temperature to fully enjoy the Pyrenees.
The spring sun warms up, but at the same time you have snow on the peaks and on the slopes and you can go for a walk with your family, friends, dogs, or whomever you want!
You can not miss the opportunity to come and enjoy the Pyrenees of Lleida this spring!

We wait for you from March 15 at our base in Llavorsí to practice rafting in RocRoi.