SUP Yoga in the sea

Enjoy the experience of practicing yoga on a paddle surf board!

The practice of Yoga brings us great benefits, that's why there are more and more people who are seduced by this ancient discipline. SUP Yoga offers you the possibility of practicing Yoga on a Paddle Surf board.

This sport gives us a new perspective, since it requires a higher level of attention and concentration and a lot of core and core work to find stability and balance in this new medium.

Whether you are a regular Yoga practitioner, or if you have never put yourself on a mat, we suggest you get out of the routine and enjoy with us a unique SUP Yoga experience in a natural setting as spectacular as the sea. The combination of physical practice and a great exercise of concentration will lead you, at the end of the session, to a state of peace and well-being

We will start the session on the beach with a short introduction on how the activity will take place, the material used and its correct use. Next, we will do a brief warm-up. Once in the water, we will row as a group to where the mooring is planned. We will place the tables following the instructions of our instructor Helen and we will start the SUP Yoga practice. At the end of the class, we will do a brief relaxation and paddle back to the beach.

SUP Yoga in the sea propositions

3 proposition(s)

3 proposition(s)

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