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#WESTAYCONNECTED solidarity campaign against Covid-19 helps children without educational resources

#WESTAYCONNECTED was born from the union of several companies with the aim of helping foundations and associations that allocate aid to children at risk due to the lack of resources to access a decent education during the period of uncertainty generated by Covid-19.

To make your donation to the campaign, all you have to do is go to and buy your desired T-shirts and masks for adults and children. How many more the better!


Hiking and trekking in Pallars Sobirà

Hiking or trekking is one of the most practiced activities in Pallars Sobirà, a place full of routes and paths for all tastes.

Group excursions of hikers unions are very frequent and at RocRoi we can say that we have exceptional mountain guides who know the area perfectly.

5 hiking trails through the Pallars

One of the most visited natural sites in the area is the Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici National Park, the only national park in Catalonia and where water is the main protagonist.sant maurici Continue reading

The secrets of sailing as a sea sport in Garraf

Did you know that sailing has been a water sport since the 17th century when King Charles II of England started sailing for pleasure on his first royal yacht, the ‘Mary’?


Since then sailing has always been present in many world nautical competitions. At RocRoi Vilanova we have four sailboat models according to capacity and speed: the Lúdic sailboats, the Topaz sailboats, the Taz sailboats and the Magno sailboat. Continue reading

5 things you can expect from your first rafting trip

If you’ve never been on the river, it’s hard to know what to expect from a whitewater rafting trip. Your friends will try to convince you to go telling you that it’s super fun or “tough,” but they will rarely explain why they feel that way.

Whitewater rafting may seem like a terrifying experience at first to some, but beyond the fear and exaggeration of adrenaline, it is a truly exciting experience. Next, we will explain some points that you can expect from your first rafting descent:

ROCROI Llavorsi-rafting 17 Continue reading

4 types of rafting guides

OK, so you book a rafting trip with your friends on an amazing river such as the Noguera Pallaresa. You are super excited to experience this incredible whitewater adventure.

You show up at the RocRoi activity center, they give you a safety orientation and introduce you to your guide. Now comes what really makes the trip special.

Here’s a quick rundown on making sure the trip is truly memorable based on the type of guide you get.

ROCROI Llavorsi-rafting 17

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After 46 days of confinement, our instructors have all managed to stay in shape. Do you want to know how RocRoi’s rafting instructors, kayak guides or canoes do their training at home?

It is important for rafting instructors to train the upper trunk, since the main part of the body that dominates the sport of rafting includes the arms, chest and back. Therefore, it is important to perform exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, bench press with legume packs, shoulders and rowing with milk bricks, crunches, triceps and biceps with dumbbells.

Equally so for kayak or canoe guides, they prioritize the upper trunk over the lower trunk. But in no case, we must not forget that the lower trunk is equal or more important to maintain physical shape. That’s why some of our instructors practice weighted squats, one-leg hamstrings, weighted one-leg squats, or the calf.

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You have not yet participated in our #rocroisequedaencasa contest? Do not wait, take your partner and children and participate now to win a GoPro and a rafting descent from Llavorsí to Rialp 14km.


RocRoi launches a contest #rocroisequedaencasa in which the participants must simulate a rafting trip at home with everything nearby: pots, shovels, kitchen utensils, blankets, hoses, cushions, etc. The more creative the better! Continue reading


In this post we will explain what are the secrets of making a correct rafting descent, how to place the paddle at all times and how to execute the descent in the safest possible way.


On the day of your rafting descent reservation, it is necessary that you all go to the RocRoi rafting base just a couple of kilometers from the town of Llavorsí (between Llavorsí and Rialp), where the instructors will give you all the complete equipment to start the rafting experience.

The activity begins when we are already well equipped from the RocRoi base: wetsuits, wetsuits, helmet and life jacket; and we go to the bus or in the vans, which will take us to the starting point of the activity.

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