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We interview Àngel Panicello, expert sea kayak guide

Àngel is one of our most expert sea kayak guides, and he has been working with us for 12 years. Now Àngel will reveal some secrets of his passion: kayaking.

Àngel Panicello in the foreground on a sea kayak excursion with customers

1. Can you provide any information about yourself, such as your name, your age, your place of birth, and any other information you want to share?

My name is Àngel Panicello Primé. I am 40 years old, I was born in Cambrils and I have been a sea kayak guide for more than 20 years. I have been fortunate to specialize in different waters, from the Mediterranean to Greenland, through the Norwegian Fjords, the Cantabrian Sea or the Hawaiian Islands. That gives you the benefit of insight and application of knowledge from site to site. As with languages, the more you know, the easier the next one will be.

Traveling is a good addiction, because of everything you learn and share in each area, and kayaking, as well as the other sports that I practice, fortunately has made it easier for me. What I am really passionate about is being able to apply my learning when I return and enrich the courses and workshops that we apply at RocRoi. Continue reading

ROCROI manages to maintain a very good occupancy during the month of August compared to the forecasts

Thanks to the own preventive health measures approved by the General Secretariat of Sport for safety in adventure activities

RocRoi manages to maintain 60% of its capacity of the summer activity centers during the month of August.

Thanks to the strict application of its own preventive measures that were approved by the General Secretariat of Sport, all river, lake and sea activities have been carried out under satisfactory security measures.


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BlueBro is the project promoted by Albert Bosch, Iván Galofré, Laura Rodríguez and Berto Robles, four athletes willing to undertake an adventure such as traveling 930 kilometers by kayak to cross the Ebro River from beginning to end.


At RocRoi we are very proud to be part of this great challenge, contributing our bit by handing over all the material and equipment to the participants. The kayaks that these four adventurers will have are the Mezzo PRO model. A compact enclosed kayak, ideal for a challenge with so many technical demands combined. With its 3.6m in length, it allows great maneuverability in the river and lightness to carry out the numerous portages, while maintaining the course well and allowing agile and efficient navigability. Continue reading

ROCROI improves the forecast during the month of July thanks to its own prevention protocols

The Sport’s General Secretary has positively approved the RocRoi prevention health protocols

The children’s camps in Vilanova y la Geltrú have managed to carry out more than 4,500 nautical activities

RocRoi managed to improve the forecasts for this month of July thanks to the strict drafting of its own preventive health protocols approved by the Sport’s General Secretary; and the rapid adaptation of adventure experiences to new circumstances.

More than 3,000 people practiced adventure activities in the RocRoi center in Llavorsí this July. 60% of them have practiced rafting, the star activity of the summer in Pallars Sobirà. RocRoi has been able to adapt this adventure activity to the current situation and offers exclusive rafting descents for the same family or coexistence groups.


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As we explained in the last post, at RocRoi we propose every year to invest in new material and renew equipment so that our clients leave as satisfied as possible.

Although this year, with the crisis, we could have given up making this investment, we believed that it was not a sufficient reason for not being able to enjoy material in perfect condition.

This time we have renewed the RocRoi catamarans in Vilanova y la Geltrú. These new catamarans are the ERPLAST Model L. The catamaran, due to its design, is an agile and fast boat that will give us great sensations. A highly recommended activity to feel the force of the sea and the wind.

Catamarans nous Vilanova-08-03 at 12.40.10

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The luckiest ones already tried the river of the month of July, and you? What are you waiting to come?

We will dedicate this post to remind you which descents in rafting boat we have in RocRoi and which one is better according to the occasion or with which you want to enjoy it.


If you are a real #rocroiadventurer and you’re going, we recommend:

-         Rafting descent from Llavorsí to Rialp 14km

This is our star descent, the one made by almost 60% of our clients and the most popular among our most common rafteros.

This is the section that concentrates the fastest of the Noguera Pallaresa. The first one that we will find is the “La Lavadora” rapid, which is located in the river area in front of our facilities.

Then, at KM 5, the longest rapids of the Noguera Pallaresa begin: the “Quatre Llarg” is surely one of the longest rapids of all the rivers where commercial rafting is done: for 3km you will enjoy wave trains, from narrow and curlers that will make you feel the emotion of whitewater.

Finally, we will reach the most intense rapids, such as ‘La Sirga’, ‘La Isla’, ‘El cuatro Español’.


-         Rafting descent from Llavorsí to Sort or Montardit 16km – 20km

In this descent we will find all the rapids mentioned above plus the “Les Estissores” rapid which is just before reaching Montardit. The remaining kilometers will allow us to enjoy the natural setting that surrounds us.

If you come with young children or have never practiced rafting, we recommend:

-         Rafting descent from Llavorsí to Moleta 5km

In this descent we only find the rapids of “La Lavadora”, the rest of the section is calm waters to enjoy the landscape that surrounds the Noguera Pallaresa river.

One option that we offer to beginners is that, if during these 5 km they are comfortable and want to continue the descent to Rialp, they can follow the section without problem and pay the rest of the section when they return to our activity center once it is finished. activity.

Canyoning is also a good choice

Canyoning is another of our star adventure activities in Llavorsí. In RocRoi you will find different levels of ravines: those of initiation and those of perfection.

If you like canyoning, but have never practiced it:

-         Berròs canyon

This is the ravine of initiation par excellence, since the approach is short and easy. Once in the ravine, the rappels are short, numerous water slides that make it very fun and abundant flow. Ideal for kids and for those who want to start canyoning.

ROCROI Llavorsí-barrancs 4

-         Upper Estaron canyon

Next, the ravine that we can also practice if we start this sport is the Estaron Superior ravine. We will find numerous slides that make it very fun and abundant flow.

-         Sant Pere canyon

This ravine is located in the Collegats Strait, a few kilometers from La Pobla de Segur. The Sant Pere ravine is made of conglomerate. The approach path runs through old steep paths that cross the gorge and will take us to the beginning of the ravine. A really beautiful and spectacular landscape to enjoy. At the head of the ravine, a few minutes from the start of the ravine, are the remains of the old Sant Pere chapel, located inside a cavity in the rock.

If you like canyoning and have already practiced it before:

-         Infern canyon

The Infern ravine is the most popular ravine of perfection among our clients.

Located in the heart of the Congost de Collegats, the Barranc del Infern will surprise us with its spectacular walls over 160 m high.

We will start by crossing the Noguera Pallaresa river as it passes through Collegats, and then a 30-minute climb up the slope awaits us before reaching the head of the ravine.

We will find a spectacular cave halfway where we can stop to take photos and you can hire the photography service that we offer from RocRoi for € 35.

160721_T3_Infern_SIN AUTO (13)

-         Lower Estaron canyon

The Estaron Inferior ravine enjoys a spectacular high mountain landscape and natural pools that make it a ravine to enjoy.

This ravine has a high difficulty, but with the particularity that it has a short approach: numerous abseils make it a special ravine, not suitable for people with vertigo since the abseiling that closes the activity is 45m high.

A challenge for adventurers who want to discover new ravines.

Have you already chosen your activity? Don’t choose! Practice both for € 72 / person with our RAFTING 14KM + BARRANCO DE BERRÒS pack (you will save € 18 if you book it separately). Contact us at and book your adventure now!

We’re waiting for you!