Popular festivals, culture and sports: the best holidays of your life in the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees

The mountain range lends itself to welcoming travellers from all corners of the country and the world who are looking to immerse themselves in Pyrenean nature, sport, as well as the region’s gastronomic and cultural attractions.

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Rain on holiday? The 5 best activities to do with children in the Pyrenees

Rain is not an impediment to water activities in rivers and lakes, but what are the five best activities to do with children in the Pyrenees?

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Adventure sports, or how to fulfil the most elusive dreams in the middle of nature

More and more clients are demanding exclusive and personalised activities adapted to their interests and which go beyond a standard activity service. These are VIP experiences to meet all their expectations with nature as a backdrop.

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Stand up Paddle on the seashore or in the rough waters of a river? Water sports for all tastes

This modality has been booming in recent years along the length and breadth of the beaches. However, what many people don’t know is that for the more intrepid, it can also be practised on river descents.

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It is increasingly common to see on the beaches of our geography a person or groups of people on top of a surfboard while paddling. This modality known as Stand Up Paddle (SUP), paddle surf or paddle board has become very popular in recent years and is an activity aimed at all types of public depending on age and degree of difficulty. A golden opportunity to improve your balance, avoid stress and get away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Although this modality is in vogue especially in seas and lakes, this aquatic activity is also gaining ground in rivers where the difficulty increases, especially in those cases where it is done in white water descents, such as in the area of Murillo de Gállego, in Huesca. It is usually practised individually and for those who want to try this discipline for the first time, it is best to practise it in rivers that are not very fast-flowing and with little current. It allows people of all ages to learn the basics of this activity and begin to gain balance on the board.

The adventure and degree of difficulty are greater when practicing SUP in rivers with more current and greater flow, although the best way to get started is to do it in calm waters, such as a lake or a sea. Those who choose to do it in rivers with more current, should be aware that a greater degree of knowledge and practice is required to carry out the activity, with more safety measures and a mastery of the chosen route or course.

“In the river there are diagonal waves, many oscillations, the link between the paddler and the board is fundamental. That’s why in the river we don’t have the leash attached to the ankle that you can have in the sea”, says Gustavo Ortas, head of the UR Pirineos centre in Murillo de Gállego, where one of the outdoor adventure activity centres is located.

The best water activities to do in the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.

In both cases the main attraction is the views that can be seen from the top of the board. An example of this is the paddle surfing service offered at Torrassa Lake, from the activity centre located before entering the town of La Guingueta d’Àneu. This area, located in the heart of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, is one of the bases of RocRoi, one of the leading companies in southern Europe in the organisation of outdoor sports experiences.

In the case of beaches the variety of activities is even greater. From longboarding to Big SUP, Standup Paddle is one of the most popular choices of outdoor sport. Not surprisingly, it has become one of the fastest growing disciplines during the Covid-19 health crisis. Thus, at the nautical base of the Costa del Garraf, in Vilanova i la Geltrú, standup paddle surfing has become one of the most popular activities, along with sailing and kayaking.

Ángel Panicello, manager of the Vilanova base, explains that unlike what people are used to thinking, paddle surfing also makes muscular demands, which makes it a good opportunity for physical exercise for people of all ages. “Some people think it’s just for walking, but if you apply your muscles well in each movement, it’s a good workout,” he says. Apart from the risk and the small margin of error that the sea provides an opportunity to exercise and do some sightseeing in the area. These two reasons are the main reasons for doing sea activities in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

One of the most popular modalities is longboarding. This activity consists of paddling the board in flat water, a practice that can also be replicated in marshes. With boards similar to those used for beginners in windsurfing, but with single-ended paddles and a hand-holding handle, the practitioners can spend hours sailing in calm waters and testing their balance.

What is a day of rafting and its sensations? Fun and extreme adventure on the river with family and friends.

Rafting is undoubtedly the most popular outdoor sport on our rivers. Thousands of people come every year to discover white-water rafting, which only a few know like the back of their hand. Among outdoor sports activities, rafting is the most popular in Spain. It is one of the most popular sporting activities in Spain because of its geography. Thanks to the country’s wealth of rivers, adventure lovers can enjoy all kinds of white-water rafting, and the Noguera Pallaresa is a popular destination for groups of families and friends. This is why every year the adventure sports centres welcome thousands of people who come to the rivers to enjoy the experience.

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¿ Vacaciones en familia ? Deporte al aire libre a través de descensos en rafting o paddle surf en la playa.

Las familias son uno de los clientes habituales de las actividades deportivas outdoor en sus respectivas temporadas. Con la llegada del verano, las familias capitalizan gran parte de la demanda, sobre todo entre julio y agosto.



Kayaking, rafting and paddle surfing: the most popular adventure activities with children in the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean

Children account for a large part of the customers of outdoor sports activities in their respective seasons. Between May and June, schools are the ones that capitalise on the demand, and from July to September, it is the summer camps that do so.



Hydrospeed, when a sled opens the way to an intrepid experience of river descent.

This nautical activity of mountain rafting has become one of the extreme and emerging experiences in outdoor sports. It is an individual activity in which the client feels part of the river.



Rafting is booming in destinations such as Llavorsí and Murillo de Gállego.

One of the most popular outdoor sports activities is white-water rafting. The availability of rivers such as the Noguera Pallaresa or the Gállego in the Pyrenees make Spain a top destination for lovers of this discipline.



¿En kayak por las Calas de Sitges o un bautizo de vela? Opciones al aire libre para las despedidas de soltero

El deporte ‘outdoor’ y de aventura gana peso entre las actividades elegidas para este tipo de celebraciones. Desde los retos más complejos para los aventureros a las actividades en grupo, las despedidas se pueden hacer en el mar, en el río o en la montaña. 

Los deportes de aventura se han hecho un hueco más que relevante entre las opciones preferidas de las despedidas de soltero. Las actividades al aire libre ofrecen amplias oportunidades para que los grupos de amigos y el novio o la novia puedan disfrutar de una experiencia deportiva única en un entorno natural. Se acabaron los clichés: las despedidas de soltero pueden ser una gran aventura. 

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The date marked in red by the lovers is approaching, and in Rocroi, we have prepared an exceptional moment for you… ! Come and enjoy an activity in one of the two bases we have in the biggest ski resort of Andorra, in Grandvalira.

We agree that the 14th of February is not the only day to show all the love you have inside you, but it’s true that from time to time it’s important to spoil whoever deserves it the most and to remind them how important it is to you, so Valentine’s Day can also be a good option. Why not?

Furthermore, we believe that choosing the perfect gift is not only a question of budget, but also of creativity and imagination. Whether you consider yourself a romantic, adventurous or more of an explorer, and you like to think outside the box… because you’re bored with flowers, Netflix nights or meals in conventional restaurants, You’ve come to the right place! We invite you to read this article.



Five hiking routes to discover in the Pyrenees

It is already autumn, the best time of the year for hiking: the temperature is great, you can enjoy the spectacle of colors in the forest, the bellowing of the deer and, also, if you find mushrooms, it is already a very productive day. 


In this post we suggest five hiking routes in the Pyrenees where you will venture on leafy paths, hidden lakes and plains that are full of color. 

Keep reading!