Andorra is not just snow, winter and skiing! The great part of Andorra are natural spaces with many options to enjoy nature and the outdoors. For this reason, last season we launched a new activity in the center of Andorra: 7 different excursions, one for each day of the week, to discover the beauty and variety of landscapes in Andorra. They last approximately 3 hours, guide included, of easy or intermediate difficulty, and they allow you to enjoy Andorra’s most emblematic paths, peaks, lakes and natural parks.
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OK: in August there’s a lot of people on vacation. But there are many of us who are on holiday AFTER August. In fact, it’s highly recommended. Holidays in September or October have many advantages: we usually still have good weather and it’s easier to avoid the crowds that at some point we can suffer in August in some destinations. Therefore, today we want to propose our TOP activities for Autumn.

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Spring Rafting

We are sure that you have seen or read in the media that this Spring we are having an exceptional season, with big water and fantastic flows for rafting. The snowfalls this Winter have been heavy and abundant. This Spring is also quite cold, and as a result, the snow has started melting later than usual and all of a sudden. In fact, the thaw started with the rafting season already underway. Thus, we now have a fast, happy, awesome river!


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We continue today with another post in our blog with more curiosities about mushing, one of the most popular activities in our Andorra center. And this comes as no surprise to us: this experience brings to those who practice it a perfect blend of nature and adrenaline, peace and speed. And those who have tried it tell us that they are eager to repeat. By the way, do you know where the term mushing comes from?

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For many families, the week around Carnival has become a small break in the middle of the long stretch that goes from Christmas to Easter. A perfect opportunity to escape for a few days with your family and enjoy Winter to the fullest. For all those who choose the mountain for this Winter break, at RocRoi we have prepared a very special offer to make your trip to the snow unforgettable.

Carnaval en Familia

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